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Avoncu Enrique will host the Netherlands and England on Thursday, June 6, in the 2019 semi-final, and Portugal will face Portugal in the final of the European Championship for the first time.

The Dutch team managed to lead their group in the group stage of the European Nations Championship after being able to harvest seven points, the Dutch mills fought the European Champions League in Group A next to France and Germany, and the Dutch team managed to win two games, tied in one, and lost As the Dutch lead the group and qualify for the semifinals.

On the other hand, England played in Group D in the Group D and came next to the teams of Spain and Croatia. England were able to win two matches and draw one, to get seven points and put them at the top of the group. European Championship 2019.

The match between the Netherlands and England

The Netherlands match against England in the semi-finals of the European Nations League is scheduled to be held on Thursday evening at 10:45 pm Mecca time, only 9:45 pm Cairo time.

Channel channels to match the Netherlands and England
This will be broadcast and broadcast the match of the Netherlands and England with the voice of suspender Ali Mohamed Ali through the screen of channel bein SPORTS HD1, where the game will be transmitted live.


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