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The final day of the Champions League between Liverpool and Tottenham in the 2019 final will be followed by Liverpool and Tottenham today, which will be firefighters, with the Liberian in the Champions League to reach the final on the account of Barcelona after a fireball match, In the semi-final with Barcelona 4-0 in the return, where the goals of Liverpool four goals without a response, making the players deserved to reach the European final 2019, while on the other side Tottenham players in the return three goals and managed to Tottenham players to the Champions League final Europe Now you will learn about the date for Liverpool against Tottenham and the final ducts match Liverpool today.

The match between Liverpool and Tottenham

The timing of Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur will be Saturday 31 June 2019, Tottenham will be with Liverpool at 10 pm, while Liverpool and Tottenham will be directly at 9 pm Egypt time, while Lever and Tottenham will be at 11 pm UAE time, and at 8:00 pm Algeria time, Morocco and Tunisia.

The Champions League final will be 2017 and Wanda Mitropolitano, while the suspension of today’s Liverpool match against Tottenham is Rauf Khalif who will be suspended from the stadium with Khalil Al Balushi. There will also be commentators on the match against Tottenham Hafiz Draghi and Youssef Seif, Ali Mohammed Ali, Abdul Samad Abdul Sattar will also be the finalists of the 2019 Champions League, as well as Rauf Khalif.



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